Paras Kaveri Deittisivusto netissä
Paras Kaveri Deittisivusto netissä

Eightiesrockette Profiilin Tiedot

I'm a singer songwriter.
Ikä 53 Kaupungista Guelph, Ontario - Kirjautunut sisään - Yli 2 viikkoa sitten
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I'm VERY easy to get along with. I'm pretty broken because of my past... But I'm the one who is putting myself back together. I love writing, singing and recording. I don't drink or drug. Music is my therapy. Cannot stand lies, abusive or ignorance. I believe2 people should be the best of friends. Who. Should be able to talk to each other about anything. This is when the trust begins. But just for the records..... I can see right through the B.S.